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Many laptop dimensions are already in our database. This means you will be able to use the drop down selection boxes to select your laptop manufacturer and then the model to get the perfect size - all quick and easy. If your laptop is not yet in the database, it is not a problem - we give you full and clear details on how to measure on the ordering page. A ruler and 30 seconds is all it takes! So whether you have a 7" or 10" netbook, a 12" mini, a 13"/15.4" laptop or a big 17" laptop we can make a laptop skin for you.

Our pink laptop skins are very popular currently, as are scenics and sports. So take you time and find one that suits your laptop and personality. If you really want to persoanlise, then don't forget our custom laptop skin service.

How about your iPod? Designs can also be made for your iPod.

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